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Genuine leather collection

Leather is a high-grade natural material which is flexible, robust, and particularly durable. For ages, its characteristic properties have been appreciated and are often associated with an elevated quality standard.

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A genuine piece of quality

Lantal's remarkable portfolio of genuine leathers leaves nothing to be desired. It offers you a choice of four qualities with differentiated textures and a palette of 48 distinctive standard colors. Additionally, dyes can be custom-formulated to achieve virtually any shade and hue. 

For extended diversity, leathers can be perforated, dot-embossed, debossed, or blind-embossed. Embroidery, contrast seams, or handsome piping are further customization options. Our Genuine Leather Collection allows you to specify all the parameters.

With its fine, slightly tinted lacquer finish, genuine leather is flame-resistant, lightfast, oil-resistant and water-repellent. It complies with today’s most stringent standards.

Luxurious comfort


Calando has a sensual surface texture that radiates warmth and adds a touch of luxury to any cabin interior. It is a voluminous leather grade with a silky, pleasantly sok and natural hand for coziness and comfort. 

With a thickness of 1.4 mm, Calando combines softness and stability, making it robust and dimensionally stable. 

Sensual elegance


Thanks to its fine, smooth surface, our Classic-leather has a very sensual and elegant look and feel. With its suppleness and soft glow, it emphasizes the modern, dynamic effect of a interior.

Classic is 1.1 mm thick. 

This long-Life natural product owes its round hand to the pleasant fullness of the fiber structure. 

Natural beauty


The surface of Crescendo reveals a authentic structure, accenting the beauty of natural leather. 

With a thickness of 1.1 mm it has a soft hand and exhibits excellent functionality. A special process with a balanced varnish finish makes Crescendo a hardwearing, easy-to-maintain upholstery material.

Long-lasting expressiveness


The balanced depth and intensive structure of Conbrio emphasizes the expressiveness of leather. The refined surface manifests longevity and character. Conbrio guarantees a precision cut and is resistant.

It is 1.1 mm thick and despite processing preserves a soft hand.

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