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Wool blend seat covers

Wool blend seat covers provide a particularly high degree of comfort. They can absorb moisture and return it to the ambient air.

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Key facts at a glance

Our wool blend seat cover fabrics stand out with longevity and wear-resistance. The breathable composition guarantees a pleasant seating experience with a high level of comfort. Additionally, the material prevents pilling. 

On request, the seat covers can be delivered with a stain-repellant finish.

Wool blend standard

Lantal's Wool blend standard seat covers are soft and supple to the touch. Because it absorbs perspiration and regulates air moisture, this quality assures outstanding seating comfort. The material composition varies, depending on the textile construction. Guaranteed pill-free (Crespino patent). Predefined designs are available off the shelf in the Essentials collection.

Wool blend light

Wool blend seat cover fabrics are 15 to 25% lighter than standard qualities. They assure excellent perspiration wicking and regulate air moisture. Guaranteed pill-free (Crespino patent). The long service life of Wool blend light seat covers is due to the high wear-resistance of the fabric.

Wool blend extra

Because of the addition of a glossy yarn, Wool blend extra seat covers feature an elegantly shimmering look. Because it absorbs perspiration and regulates air moisture, this quality also assures outstanding seating comfort. Lantal's product line includes a broad selection of predefined colors and designs, but we would be delighted to develop custom fabrics for you.

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