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News, Aircraft, Bus, Train, Executive, 07. January 2019

Antistain and hygienic finishes

In public transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, and aircraft, seat covers are exposed to considerable wear and tear. This can also include beverage spills or the emission of unpleasant odors from seats. Lantal has developed solutions for these problems. We offer two types of finishes for seat cover materials; in some cases, they can be applied together. The antistain finish prevents the ingress of liquids into the fabric by causing them to bead; the hygienic finish hinders bacterial and fungal growth, thus inhibiting the buildup of odors in the cloth (Video). On the one hand, the high level of hygiene enhances passenger comfort and well-being. On the other, the fabrics remain fresh long, reducing the maintenance effort and extending the service life of the covers. The finishes are available for all Lantal seat cover materials. For further information, please click here.