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Your custom design

Whether you wish to take an existing design to the next level or develop a completely new concept: Our experienced design team is eager to assist you in the creative process that culminates in a customized interior.

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Our designers will accompany you in bringing your envisaged interior design concept to fruition. We have the competencies and resources needed to support you.

To produce an optimized result, the design development process at Lantal involves several phases: First, the design team analyzes your corporate identity and your visual vocabulary. The insights gained from this process and our comprehensive trend research culminate in initial design and color concepts.

To assess as early as possible whether the design proposals comply with your expectations, we can simulate textile designs on paper and submit them to you for review.

Subsequently, product choices can be embedded in a realistic environment that is visualized with a 3D graphics program.

In the final phase, a sample of the selected design is woven under production conditions and checked for compliance with the customer's specifications.