As part of the implementation of our compliance strategy, we have established a comprehensive Compliance Management System (CMS) to ensure that our company behaves ethically and in accordance with the law. The CMS also serves to prevent and avoid violations. This objective is directed at our Executive Board and management, at all employees and also at our business partners.

Within our CMS, we have in particular created our own organizational compliance structure in our company. Our Chief Compliance Officer is specifically responsible for implementing and monitoring our CMS. Our Chief Compliance Officer is available to all our employees and business partners at all times in person, by telephone, by letter or also by e-mail for all questions in connection with compliance issues.

Essential duties, guidelines and values for the legally compliant actions of our company are derived from our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct is substantiated by a large number of compliance guidelines and conduct requirements. Our company has also implemented numerous other internal processes for risk analysis and for effective monitoring of our CMS.

A key element of our CMS is also the establishment of a web-based internal whistleblower system. All employees of our company as well as our business partners (suppliers and customers, etc.) can use this system to report violations of laws, the Code of Conduct and guidelines - even completely anonymously.