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Functional finishes

With Lantal's additional finishes, dirty seat covers or odors released by seat fabrics are no longer a problem.

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With a Lantal finish, you can extend the service life of your seat covers and address the expectations of your customers with respect to hygiene and comfort. Further, your textile maintenance effort is reduced.
Yardage or stock fabrics can be enhanced with finishing processes. Wool blend seat cover fabrics and polyester seat cover and curtain fabrics can be functionally improved with combined antistain/hygiene finishes or separate hygiene finishes.

Antistain effect

Spilling a beverage on the seat cover fabric is no longer a problem. The antistain finish prevents liquids from seeping into the fabric: they can be gently wiped away without leaving any traces.

Hygienic effect

The hygienic effect of the finish inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus preventing the occurrence of odors in the fabric. Textiles remain fresh for a longer period of time.