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Aircraft, News, Lantal Corporate, News & Events, 16. October 2017

Globetrotting with the Breitling DC-3

The Breitling DC-3 departed on its flight around the world in March 2017. It flew an aggregate 50,000 kilometers in 62 legs. This was a new benchmark for the DC-3 that once revolutionized air travel. On certain stages, privileged passengers were invited to join the tour. Two of them were Urs and Renata Baumann, the former owners and directors of Lantal Textiles AG. The guests enjoyed unique moments in the cabin of the 77-year-old aircraft. With the sponsored interior, Lantal contributed to their well-being. For Lantal, it is an honor to have participated in this prestigious project.

The flight began in Geneva headed for southeastern Europe, the Near and Middle East, India, Asia, North America, Greenland, and Iceland, from where returned to Europe. The aircraft landed in Geneva in September 2017. Crowning the completion of the circumnavigation, the DC-3 enjoyed star billing at this year’s Breitling Sion Airshow.

The DC-3 was introduced in 1935 and later deployed as the standard airliner by all international carriers. The twin-engine Douglas DC-3 had an excellent reliability track record and offered passengers enhanced comfort. Today, only very few airworthy exemplars still exist.