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News, Lantal Corporate, Bus, 05. June 2019

Bus: Lantal products comply with the latest fire safety standards

According to the stricter EU specifications, seat cover materials, wall coverings, and curtains must comply with the new fire safety standards pursuant to UN-ECE-R118 Annexes 7&8 for all newly approved buses effective Juli 20, 2020.

Lantal provides velvets, flat weaves, leathers and artificial leathers pursuant to UN-ECE-R118 Annexes 7&8. The latest seat cover materials of the current Essentials Stock collection according to these standards are available directly ex-warehouse. Existing products can also be produced pursuant to UN-ECE-R118 Annexes 7&8 without any changes to design or color. The Lantal brand stands for the ultimate in well-being for passengers, and also emphasizes passenger safety.