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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, 15. September 2020

Founding of Caynova AG

The parent company of Lantal Textiles AG has created a new Swiss joint-stock company under the name Caynova AG. Lantal Textiles AG has fully transferred its former Pneumatic Comfort System division with all employees to Caynova AG. From June 1st 2020 on, Caynova AG has taken over the entire responsibility for Lantal’s Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS), Heating and Cooling System (HCS) and Personal Fan System (PFS) under the continued leadership of Thomas Steiner in his new function as Chief Executive Officer of the Caynova AG.

A close cooperation with Lantal will continue to be of high importance. It is a common goal to market Caynova’s comfort solutions in combination with Lantal Textiles’ raw material and cut & sew solutions. However, Lantal Textiles AG will develop and sell all products independently from Caynova AG.