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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, 01. April 2019

Heating & Cooling System: Lantal’s newest innovation

Each person's perception of temperature is different. Especially when traveling by plane, bus or train, there are usually only few ways to counteract the unpleasant feeling of heat or cold. In the automotive industry, the innovative technology of individual temperature control has been around for quite some time. In cars, travelers can cater to their personal needs by gradually adjusting the seat temperature to create the perfect climate. There was no comparable system for the aviation industry – until now. Lantal's Heating and Cooling System with Gentherm® technology makes exactly this possible in the aircraft: a personalizable microclimate for First and Business Class travelers, regardless of the ambient cabin temperature. This allows each passenger to set their own optimum seat temperature and achieve the highest possible level of comfort.

The modular system components can be easily integrated into any seating concept, either separately or in combination, and are easy to install and remove. The surface of the seat cover fabric is very important for cooling the seat. Lantal has developed special fabrics for this purpose that enable optimum airflow. Experience the system yourself at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg and try out the innovative solution on site.

For further information, please contact: Thomas Steiner.