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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, Bus, Train, 08. July 2020

Improving cabin hygiene and passenger safety

Over the past few months we have witnessed the devastating impact this pandemic has had on the way we live our lives. We must all adapt to new ways of going through our daily routine. The impact on means of public transportation and aviation is tremendous and solutions for hygienic and passenger safety grow in importance. Lantal offers solutions and products which increase the cabin hygiene as well as facilitating its maintenance.

Spilling a drink on the seat won't be a problem any more thanks to Lantal's stain-repellent seat cover fabrics and velvets. The fluids do not soak into the seat and can be wiped off easily, thus making it more difficult for microorganisms to stick to its surface. This leads to reduced maintenance and ease of cleaning, improving the overall hygiene of the fabric. Seat covers stay clean for longer, and thus keep a long-lasting perfect look even during intensive use.
An additional contribution to passenger safety is Lantal's hygienic finish for seat covers. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew and prevents the formation of odors on and in the seat. The reliable and durable bacteriostatic effect is bound to the fiber, and acts on the cell membrane causing its decomposition, thus giving permanent material protection and allowing textiles to stay fresh for longer. The substance is free from AOX and dermatologically tested, making it safe for people and the environment.

The antistain and hygienic finish has been developed especially for seat covers in public transportation and aviation, seating comfort remains absolutely identical and the industry safety standards are fullfilled completely. The finish is applied to the yardage and is also available on stock fabrics.