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News, Aircraft, Lantal Corporate, 29. March 2019

Lantal received visit from China

COMAC is owned by the Chinese state and was founded in 2008. The company acts as a key player in the implementation of major passenger aircraft programs in the People's Republic of China. Step by step, China is approaching its goal of producing its own aircraft, thus securing a key technology for economic progress. With the development of the C919 medium-range aircraft, COMAC is now picking up speed and is on the verge of a breakthrough. Although the passenger jet is currently still in the test phase, certification is planned for 2021 and, according to COMAC, more than 800 orders have already been received from 28 customers. This makes COMAC's passenger jet a direct competitor for Airbus' A320 and Boeing's 737. In the long-term, the Chinese state-owned company will be a serious global competitor and may be able to break the current duopoly between Airbus and Boeing.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company is currently on a European tour and is visiting selected companies that could be potential partners in the future, including Lantal. The Swiss textile company is pleased with the interest shown and looks forward to exploring potential cooperation models.