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News, Lantal Corporate, 17. April 2019

Lantal fabrics on the runway

The word “fashion” covers a lot of territory and can be interpreted in many different ways. The Fashion Design Institute of the FHNW in Basel describes it as “doing fashion” to emphasize that it involved interactions between contexts such as culture and society on the one hand and fashion on the other. To define the point of departure for her final-exam collection, Janine Reitmann chose the “Swiss Fashion Scene” as her context. In general, she perceives it as rather subdued and understated. She then broadened her focus to include Switzerland as an underlying theme and, with a tongue-in-cheek approach, pursued the country’s mentality and typical symbols. Thus, the collection revisits icons such as the Swiss bakery bag, the logo of SWISS, the national carrier, and as shown in the photo above, the SBB’s seat cover fabric. She chose it because it not only matches the collection from the aesthetics point of view but also, given its weight, adds certain dramatic nuances. Sustainability also played a big role because Janine Reitmann wanted to work with materials that already exist and didn’t have to be purchased or created anew.

Lantal extends congratulations for the successful outcome of the exam project and wishes continued textile enthusiasm!