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News, Lantal Corporate, 05. June 2019

Lantal fabrics at the Textile Museum: for a multi-faceted summer of 2020

The textile industry has long been rooted in Swiss history. It has had a strong impact on the country’s economic and social development. Since the 19th century, the Textile Museum in St. Gallen has been a pivotal institution of Switzerland’s tradition-rich textile landscape. For visitors, the museum provides first-hand access to the vast realm of textiles. In the current presentation (May 5 to October 13, 2019), the focus is on sustainable textiles that are not aligned with short-lived trends but instead regard aesthetics as a functional element. The exhibits comply with the Swiss Textiles Federation’s benchmarks as defined by the motto “Responsible Acts”. With its vibrant corporate history, Lantal has been a key player in the Swiss textile industry for over 130 years. Accordingly, fabrics from our forward-looking Conceptual Forecast are on display at the presentation as well. The exhibits include two seat cover fabrics and a curtain created by Lantal. Their luminous colors are harbingers of a polychrome summer. Lantal's Conceptual Forecast is based on analyses of the mega- and microtrends in the contexts of society, design, and aviation, spanning seat cover fabrics, leathers, carpets, and curtains. In this case, the textiles exhibited at the museum are a feast not only for eyes but also for hands.

Lantal is delighted to be part of the exhibition with its fabrics and eagerly looks forward to the summer of 2020!