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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, 11. May 2016

Sitting through it

On July 3, 2015, after having been airborne for 5 consecutive days and nights since taking off in Japan, Solar Impulse 2 landed at Kalaeloa Airport in Hawaii. On touchdown, the clock indicated 117 hours and 52 minutes – for what was the longest non-stop solo flight by any aircraft type in aviation history.

For pilot André Borschberg, who flew this record-breaking eighth leg of the zero-fuel around-the-world challenge, it was also the longest endurance test in the solitary confinement of a cramped cockpit with a single seat and no standing room. 

Lantal’s Pneumatic Comfort System contributed significantly to the success of this bold venture. Thanks to firmness-adjustable air-filled cushions and the reclining position of the seat, the pilot can take snooze breaks every 2 to 3 hours. For more details, you are invited to download the progress report.

Solar Impulse 2 progress report