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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, 06. December 2018

Education meets industry

Lantal is one of the few Swiss textile mills that still produce locally. Some of the occupations in this domain have become so rare that Lantal trains many of its specialized employees in-house. Qualified professionals are very important and for this reason, we also support schools with textile-related curricula whenever such opportunities arise. For several years now, Lantal has been available as an external partner to the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, thus allowing students to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the textile industry.

In its “Fabrics Focus” module, the Textile Design bachelor class spent six weeks developing a textile collection for appointing components of an aircraft cabin. As a point of reference, the students were given the theme “Sign o’ The Times” that reflects the 1980s era. Project participant Simone Cole, for example, who graduated in the summer of 2018, took inspiration from the New York graffiti scene in the 1980s for her collection. Her drafts feature painted passing trains or throw-up letters that typify street-art graffiti.

For the real-world context, all students were asked to submit their designs on schedule in a specified data format as a prerequisite to have Lantal “fabricate” their work. A Wilton-Jacquard carpet, a Jacquard seat cover fabric and a Jacquard curtain were woven through previously planned warp harnesses. Subsequently, the submitted work was presented alongside complementary designs for cushions, blankets, and headrest covers that were crafted on the university’s handlooms. Every year, this culminates in a harvest of themes that are refreshing, spontaneous, and inspiring.