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News, Bus, Lantal Corporate, 08. February 2019

Future project with Lantal textiles

From September 2019, the French city of Nantes will be introducing new electric buses manufactured by Hess and ABB into its urban transport network. The 22 new bi-articulated buses are silent, produce zero emissions, and can be charged in seconds. The roof-mounted battery units can be swiftly charged at selected stops during the time in which passengers embark and alight. The buses shall be used on the Nantes Busway (No. 4 Line), which connects the city’s historic city center with suburban areas. The material for the seat covers in these pioneering city buses is made by Lantal. The seat covers have a simple design and come in two colors, green and blue, a perfect match for the material used for the seat covers on the city’s trams – blue with green accents – and which is also made by Lantal.

Lantal was delighted to be part of this project. We wish passengers in Nantes a pleasant journey!