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Ready-to-install seat covers

Lantal's ready-to-install seat covers support your brand experience with a vast selection of design and material options. Thanks to Lantal's all-in-one solutions approach with one face to the customer, you save time and money. 

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal manufactures ready-to-install seat covers in textiles and leathers. Various design options such as contrast seams or perforation (leather) are available to highlight your brand identity. Lantal also provides various types of laminations to improve seating comfort and extend the service life of the seat cover.

Lantal's cut-and-sewn seat covers are permanently flame-retardant according to FAR/CS 25.853 and fulfill the smoke and toxicity guidelines issued by Airbus and Boeing. On request, seat covers can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Lantal will also gladly support you at the certification level (minor change) when you switch seat covers.

Graphite foam lamination

Lantal's graphite foam lamination weighs 20% less than conventional graphite foams. Additionally, the graphite foam prevents noticeable material expansion and thus improves the looks of the seat covers.

Graphite foam extra lamination

Compared to non-laminated seat covers, Lantal's graphite foam extra lamination not only extends the service life of the seat covers but also enhances their dimensional stability. At the same time, it optimizes seating climate and seating comfort.

Activated carbon lamination

Thanks to its moisture-regulating property, the activated carbon lamination allows the deployment of leather on long-haul flights. Apart from enhanced seating comfort and a pleasant seating experience, the lamination helps retain the seat's shape. 

Lightweight foam lamination

With 50% less weight than conventional foams, Lantal's lightweight lamination is the flyweight contender in the foam category. Despite its low weight and thanks to its deployment in the backrest, this lamination also assures enhanced seating comfort and a longer product service life.