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News, Lantal Corporate, Train, 31. October 2018

Comfortable all across Switzerland

The new trainsets of the SOB reflect innovation and top-tier comfort. They were developed in merely two years. The inimitable copper color on the outside of the new vehicles is not the only major change. Contrary to the older models, the trainsets stand out with a new, spacious interior concept that includes catering zones as well as a special family zone. The upscale First-Class section interiors are outfitted with Lantal velvet upholstery fabrics. The dark design radiates elegance and perfectly matches the wood-clad seats. They complement the discreet premium interiors. Lantal also supplied the leather headrest components with signature embroidery for all trainsets. The trains will be commissioned on the route between St. Gallen and Luzern starting in late 2019. As from December 2020, the Südostbahn will begin serving long-haul travelers in cooperation with the SBB, alternating between the Zürich-Locarno and the Basel-Locarno lines. Thus, the new trains will traverse Switzerland, true to their name “Traverso” which means “cross” in Italian.

Lantal is proud to have made a contribution to the Traverso project and congratulates the Südostbahn on the new trains!